Apricot kernel oil: To the rescue of medium porosity hair

Hair needs to be exposed to permanent care and conditioning. Even very healthy, thick and heavy hair requires nourishing so – obviously – it is essential in case of weak hair which tends to get frizzy and is very easy to get damaged due to improper care.

Medium/normal porosity hair looks like healthy, bouncy and well-maintained strands which are easy to style. It is an illusion. You neglect it once or twice and it gets dry and greasy whereas its cuticles start to raise. You are careless a bit and your hair loses its condition. It becomes brittle and dull, strands start to fall out and hair ends – to split. Improper care isn’t the only thing that should be blamed for damaging your hair. Adverse weather conditions, poor diet, stress, toxins coming from the environment… this is what makes your hair damaged and weak.

Apricot kernel oil – delicate but very effective – may save such hair. Thanks to greasy consistency and semi-penetrating properties, it repairs hair from the inside as well as creates a protective layer which prevents toxins and impurities from getting inside. What is more, the oil contains natural sunscreen which protects hair from the sun. Apricot kernel oil contains good fatty acids, including omega-9 (66%) and omega-6 (26%). This is why the oil is suitable mainly for medium porosity hair. It can be tested by women who have dry high porosity hair. If hair isn’t extremely damaged, it will definitely like delicate apricot oil. The oil contains A, B and E vitamins which prevent hair loss, slow down ageing processes, hinder graying and deliver nutrients to skin cells. Consequently, the scalp receives proper conditioning and grows old more slowly. Moreover, apricot oil prevents scalp irritation and even fights off mild forms of dandruff. Regular apricot oil hair treatment keeps hair from getting damaged and makes your strands healthy, strong, shiny and properly nourished. Apricot oil can also be used as a serum for damaged and dry hair ends.