Essence Ultime Crystal Shine: Glossy hair thanks to apricot kernel oil

If you suffer from matte and unruly hair that is difficult to arrange and even harder to provide with gloss during everyday hair styling – try the power of natural oils. These not only moisturize, nourish and regenerate hair, but are also responsible for gloss and beautiful appearance as well as help with hair styling.

Glossy, smooth hair that do not frizz and amaze with deep colour are desire of every woman. To obtain this effect essential is balanced diet and special care. However, if you care for immediate shine boost – just reach for hair oil Essence Ultime Crystal Shine from Schwarzkopf. This product is suitable for use on both damp and dry hair (the second option is perfect for everyday hair styling). Essence Ultime Crystal Shine is locked in pink bottle with 75 ml/2.5 fl. oz. volume. It is efficient due to fact that for nourishment and styling of hair you need only 1-2 pumps. Oil has pleasing, sweet scent, that holds long on hair and its main ingredient is delicate and nourishing apricot kernel oil. It is oil with pleasing almond aroma and content of about 66% fatty acids from omega-9 group. Therefore, it matches most hair (the majority of population has medium porosity hair).

Apricot kernel oil has great moisturising properties. It is rich in vitamins A and E, that inhibit ageing processes of hair. Apricot kernel oil makes hair bouncy and eliminates breakage and brittleness. It absorbs really well and at the same time creates on the surface of hair, protective film, that prevents toxins from getting to the inner hair structures. Apricot kernel oil perfectly smooths hair out, makes combing easier and prevents tangling during the day. What is more, apricot kernel oil stimulates natural functions of skin and retains hydration. It holds shine boost properties, which additionally strengthen with good silicones, that condition hair and improve the gloss.

Essence Ultime Crystal Shine with apricot kernel oil helps with hair styling and provides gloss. It is protection for hair against unfavorable impact of atmospheric factors and regenerates strands by making them more beautiful everyday.