Best hair care products with twin oils: Apricot oil & Almond oil

Apricot oil and almond oil are often mentioned together, considering their similar composition, the content of vitamins, delicate cosmetic action, consistency and extraction method.

Apricot oil is more popular because it is extracted from apricots – widely available and known to everyone. It is much cheaper and – similarly to almond oil – it has a delicate, pleasant and sweetish aroma.

Apricot oil’s diversity of vitamins (A, B, E) and high concentration of omega-9 oleic acid are surprising. It is an ideally absorbed oil that neither weighs hair down nor leaves a greasy layer. On the other hand, it covers the strands with an occlusive microscopic filter that protects them from unfavourable weather conditions. Apricot oil and its exclusive version – sweet almond oil – perfectly shield your hair from the damaging toxins and hot airflow of a blow-dryer.

If you use apricot oil for regular hair oiling, it will repair the scalp and soothe all irritations. It delivers amazing shine, smooths hair structure, strengthens hair bulbs and (thanks to delivering vitamins to the inside) repairs hair structure and facilitates styling.

Apricot seed oil doesn’t contain group B or D vitamins that almond oil can boast about. However, the two behave in a similar way in regard to hair conditioning and beautifying. Thanks to hair oiling with apricot oil, you will get rid of any scalp irritations.

If you want to provide your hair with optimal care and rebuild it, you should reach out for apricot oil or its more exclusive version – sweet almond oil. It is a perfect idea to use ready-made blends that – thanks to various oils – deliver all necessary vitamins, minerals and good fatty acids. Read on to check the review of the most interesting hair care products with almond hair oil.

Nanoil Hair Oil - the best hair care product

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Nanoil Hair Oil is the best hair care product. A large number of natural oils are the main ingredients. Moreover, the product aims to satisfy the “desires” of your hair. Nanoil Hair Oil precisely reaches the needs of hair and delivers essential nutrients. Nanoil is not one but three products. Each has a bit different components matching the type of hair porosity. A delicate and prestigious almond oil can be found in one Nanoil version (for damaged and dehydrated highly porous hair). Nanoil Hair Oil (all 3 versions) include some additional substances that reinforce hair and hair bulbs, inhibit hair loss, boost volume and growth. Another huge plus is the use of Nanoil. You can apply it in lots of ways e.g. in form of a repairing treatment or beautifying emulsion.

dove-advanced-hair-series-pure-care-dry-oilDove Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil
Dove is known for good quality hair products. It also started selling hair oils. Pure Care Dry Oil in a nice, aesthetic, glass bottle is worth your attention. Contrary to Nanoil Hair Oil, it cannot be used for scalp oiling because it is composed of several controversial ingredients (also alcohols). However, it takes great care of your hair. You should apply it to dry or wet hair starting from mid-lengths. Dove Pure Care Dry Oil contains a few valuable oils, including delicate sweet almond oil. Its action is supported by sunflower oil and anti-aging pomegranate oil. Well-known coconut oil and macadamia oil are also contained in the product. Pure Care Dry Oil is supposed to condition mature hair that has lost its shine and colour, often gets frizzy and requires an everyday protection from damage and aging.

redken-diamond-oil-shatterproof-shine-intenseInstead of a pump, Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense has a precise dropper that lets you dose small quantities of the product. Redken hair oil takes good care of your hair and has an unusual aroma. The oil comes in an impressive, dark glass bottle. Redken Oil is composed of many oils that improve the condition of your strands: coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, (unusual) camelina oil and apricot seed oil. The composition of Redken Diamond Oil makes it a good conditioning and protective oil that perfectly takes care of your hair ends and prevents them from getting frizzy. If you use Redken Oil regularly, it will deliver shine and bounce, protect from heat and noticeably improve the condition and vitality of your hair. What is more, you can apply Redken to damp strands, as a leave-in conditioner or to blow-dried hair to tame ends and facilitate styling.