Apricot kernel oil in hair mask Bio Beauté by Nuxe

New generation of organic cosmetics for hair care are from French brand Bio Beauté by Nuxe. This brand offers wide gamut of organic products based on natural ingredients. Among these cosmetics is Nourishing Mask with Apricot oil and Almond. What should you know about this cosmetic?

Hair mask does not have to be expensive to offer effective action. It all depends on the combination of active substances. The more of them, the better. What matters is also, so that these were mixed in right way. Bio Beauté does it perfectly. This is why Bio Beauté Nourishing Repair Mask is worth its high price. For one jar with 200 ml/6.3 oz net wt. volume you have to pay even few times more than for average hair mask.

Bio Beauté by Nuxe Masque Nutritif Réparateur

Hair mask with apricot kernel oil and almond is great proposition for the owners of hair requiring nourishment and repair. This unique product delights with its quality. What’s interesting, Masque Nutritif Réparateur is an ecological cosmetic.

98,9% of natural substances
(including) 10,9% of organic ingredients


Apricot kernel oil has big part in this product. There is good reason for hair mask Bio Beauté by Nuxe to have such a complex action. It’s in fact apricot kernel oil that provides it with regenerating properties. Content of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals supports cell renewal and repair. However, apricot kernel oil in combination with other ingredients nourishes, smoothers, moisturises, ensures gloss and softness.

Hair mask Bio Beauté contains:

  • Oligopeptides of Organic Sweet Almond,
  • Apricot Kernel Oil,
  • Shea Butter,
  • Vegetal glycerin,
  • Mirabelle Oil,
  • Wild Mango Butter,
  • Wild Chicory Root.

Method of use

Bio Beauté Nourishing Mask with Apricot Kernel Oil and Almond should be applied in great amount on hair after washing and thoroughly rinsing them. The action is quite immediate, because you just need to leave it in for 3 minutes. After this time, rinse it and dry hair. Avoid contact with eyes. The apricot kernel oil would be rather harmless, but in combination with other ingredients it behaves differently.