Better than apricot oil? Nanoil Almond Oil

It contains a greater concentration of the vitamin of youth (E), offers higher omega acid ratio and is gentler for delicate face skin. Additionally, it can be used to boost hair appearance. Find out why Nanoil Sweet Almond Oil is believed to be superior to apricot oil.

The main aim of natural hair and body care is to fix our body from the inside. In other words, we don’t want to camouflage what blemishes us but want to regenerate, nourish and hydrate our hair and skin. This type of enhancement is available thanks to natural oils that are rich in substances that our body needs: fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, plant sterols and many more.

What’s important to realize, not every natural oil delivers the same effects. The benefits offered by an oil are determined by the properties that are characteristic for a particular natural substance.

Home hair and body care. Which oil should you choose?

apricot-oil-for-faceAPRICOT OIL is a source of oleic, linoleic and palmitic acids as well as vitamin A, B and E. Although the concentration of nourishing substances isn’t as high as in almond oil, apricot kernel oil is able to condition, revitalize, hydrate, boost shine and increase softness.

sweet almond oilSWEET ALMOND OIL makes one of the richest sources of vitamin E; it also contains vitamins D+A and minerals. Additionally, it offers a powerful amino acid trio: omega-6, omega-3 and omega-9. Owing to an extended list of chemical constituents, sweet almond oil delivers more comprehensive action, and can be applied to hair and skin.

Sweet Almond Oil by Nanoil. Why is it the finest?

The reason for Nanoil Sweet Almond Oil being the best is owed mainly to a few simple facts:

  • Firstly, it’s cold-pressed and unrefined which allows it to preserve almost 100% nourishing substances that sweet almonds offer.
  • Secondly, this is a truly universal oil that can be used to take care of the entire body skin (including hypertensive skin), normal hair and other.
  • Additionally, sweet almond oil is an incredibly versatile and multi-tasking oil that, when it comes to the properties, isn’t only an emulsifier (improves hydration) but also protects, rejuvenates and soothes.
  • Last but not least, one of the key features of this oil to mention, it doesn’t contain any parabens, silicones and synthetic substances. What it contains instead is only genuine sweet almond oil that shares its natural aroma and color with you.

sweet almond oil for hair organic nanoil

Properties of Nanoil Sweet Almond Oil

How does Nanoil Sweet Almond Oil work? Quickly and effectively. It solves the most common problems connected with hair and body care such as split ends or dry skin. All you have to do is use it regularly, every day.

Nanoil Sweet Almond Oil for skin

You can use it for full body massage, no matter if done for relaxing or rejuvenating properties. This oil improves skin suppleness and at the same time eliminates cellulite and reduces stretch marks. Also, it brings relief and makes sure that skin is adequately hydrated so as to prevent this uncomfortable tight skin feel and possible irritations. It smooths out, softens and conditions. The oil even helps you get a more even skin tone.

Nanoil Sweet Almond Oil for hair

This beauty oil is able to restore softness, elasticity and shine to hair – it boosts hair appearance in an incredible way. Also, Sweet Almond Oil prevents color fade and split ends. It fosters hair self-regenerating processes and reinforces hair bulbs which leads to combating hair thinning. Being rubbed into scalp, it may moisturize and reduce irritations.

Nanoil Sweet Almond Oil for fingernails

Even condition of fingernails can be improved due to Sweet Almond Oil since it’s able to regenerate them visibly. When applied to nail plate, the oil makes it stronger, smoother and more shiny. Obviously, this beauty oil prevents split nails by leaving them significantly stronger.

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